Dance, baby dance


That’s how I felt when I saw my kids dance to the tunes of “Suno gaur se duniyawalo” on 13th August as part of the Independence Day celebration in Shindewadi school. The confidence and joy with which they danced, made me realize that all the extra work that I and my co-teacher Neha had done was worth it. I was moved to tears, when I saw them dance with grace, remembering all the steps even the ones that they usually forgot during our practice, and when they later told me about how nervous they became to dance in front of so many people. A boy said, my head was spinning, as there were so many people watching me, still I danced.

It has been just 2 months of teaching – and I have already learnt so much from my kids. The bonds that we have developed is just so beautiful – now my world revolves around these kids – as every night I dream of the most struggling kid in my class reading fluently, the most restless kid in my class sitting in his place and answering questions.

It has been just 2 months – everyday has been a learning experience. It has been hectic, yet I eagerly look forward to see the smiles on the cute, innocent faces.

I just know one thing as of now, that the next 2 years of  my life with Teach for India are going to be the best years of my life.

Thanks TFI!


I teach for India.

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